Title:Slaughterhouse 5
Author:Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Publisher:Panther Books Ltd
Genre:(Science) Fiction
Abstract:As a prisoner of war the author himself experienced and survived the allied bombing of Dresden at the end of WWII.
Billy Pilgrim, the main character of this book, shares the same experience, but he has also been abducted by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore, which have the ability to see time as we do see our three dimensions. As a result Billy gets unstuck in time in his later life and jumps between past and future, between sanity and insanity.
Quotation:Billy Pilgrim got onto a chartered airplane in Ilium twenty-five years after that. He knew he was going to crash, but he didn't want to make a fool of himself by saying so. It was supposed to carry Billy and twenty-eight other optometrists to a ceonvention in Montreal.
Read by me:September 2005

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