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Hacking an AVR programmer II

This is a follow-up of my most popular post, Hacking an AVR programmer.

MX USBasp v3.02

Recently there have been quite a few comments about a new version 3.02 layout of the USBasp programmer available from many Chinese ebay sellers, which appears to be incompatible with my previous hack. The problem is still that these come with a weird firmware which appears to be only compatible with some indecipherable Chinese software, but not supported by the standard avrdude.

One cause of this problem is probably that the controller on these programmers has been changed from an ATmega8 to the more modern ATmega88(V), as can be seen in these photos (courtesy Sven H).

USBasp v3.02 from eBay, top side. (photo Sven H)

USBasp v3.02 from eBay, top side. (photo Sven H)

USBasp v3.02 from eBay, bottom side with programming jumper. (photo Sven H)

USBasp v3.02 from eBay, bottom side with programming jumper. (photo Sven H)

So I grabbed my 3 ½ year old project and imported it into the 3 versions newer Atmel Studio 7. Compiling showed a couple of errors and warnings caused by the newer configuration settings and the newer, more picky version of GCC, but finally it compiled through now for the ATmega88. I haven’t been able to test the compiled .HEX-file myself yet and am waiting for some feedback.

A zip-archive containing the full Atmel Studio 7-project (excuse the mess…):

Just the .hex file for an ATmega88: 20161227_mega88_usbasp.hex (right-click, “save as”)

Fuse settings:

-U lfuse:w:0xff:m -U hfuse:w:0xdd:m


According to Sven H the .hex-file works fine on the new MX USBasp v3.02.

Assembling an USBasp


…at eight times timelapse it only takes 4 ½ minutes…

LaTeX: x11names resorted


I like the color palette which the xcolor package offers under the option x11names, but I find the list of colors in the xcolor manual a bit confusing. The colors are sorted by names and not shades – so today I made my own little table.


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(Deutsch) …und die Deutsche Domain – schon wieder…

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

An USBasp in a new design II

View of the first soldered board.

Most of the time I design and debug my AVR projects on solderless breadboards nowadays. And for that I have been using some different types of programmers by now: starting with the good old STK500, to different versions of USBasp clones from Chinese sellers on eBay.

In order to connect the programmers to the […]

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An USBasp in a new design

Die fertige Platine aus China.

Just a small teaser: today I received my circuit boards from PCBgogo – a layout which I just had sent to the Chinese manufacturer last Sunday.

The finished circuit board from China.

It is a USBasp, which can be placed on a breadboard and at the same time supplies the power rails on […]

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Nerd or not?

Today there was a geocaching event celebrating Nerd Day. I must admit that I wasn’t aware of the significance of today’s date, but I also knew that I can probably be considered being a nerd.

In the early days of the internet, while still writing my master’s thesis in Kiel, I already scored high […]

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(Deutsch) …nicht schon wieder!

"Rechnung" der "Firma" Deutsche Domain.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

The end of a short story in life…

This afternoon the birdsnest outside my office window has been plundered by a crow or raven. Even though the parent-birds got reinforcement by two other fieldfares they never had a chance.

The small birds only had a few days of life but they somehow enriched my days.

…they just had a few days […]

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BirdCam – feeding in slow-motion

Because there was a problem with the Raspberry Pi again today, I took the opportunity to film my fieldfares live for a short while. In this slow-motion video you can see how first the female arrives at the nest with a fresh worm. A short while later also the male arrives with a beak […]

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