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Fakes from China

Inspired by a Youtube video from Bigclive I ordered some Solar Power Rechargeable Flash lights. I knew the risk but I thought it would be a possible way to get hold of some small amorphous silicon solar cell modules for some own projects.

Today I received my package from ebay seller heavends. And […]

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Solar gold diggers?

For many years now solar garden lanterns have been sold. These small lamps feature a small solar cell, a rechargeable battery, at least one light-emitting diode and some simple control electronics. See also my post on a similar project I recently constructed: Lights for the Energy house (to be translated). A couple of years […]

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A visit at the Ångström laboratory?

A Tesla Roadster in Uppsala

Yesterday I just wanted to fetch a manual at my office, when I saw a rare visitor at the Ångström laboratory in Uppsala. At first it looked like a normal sports car parked outside the side entrance – but then: why would a sports car be parked there?

A Tesla Roadster in […]

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Model construction

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Lights for Energihuset

Today I designed a solar-cell powered LED lighting for a model of the planned energy education centre Energihuset in Uppsala. The model was built by Nyréns Arkitektkontor and equipped with 108 white light-emitting diodes, series connected in groups of three for a common supply voltage of 12 V. The model will be presented at the […]

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Solar cells for amateurs

BEAM electronics, as it is known, has become quite popular. One of the central ideas is to drive small autonomous robots with solar cells, powered by ambient light.

Sunceram II

Two Sunceram II solar cells

Sunceram II BP-243318 at 200 W/m2-1200 W/m2

Sunceram II BP-373334 at 200 W/m2-1200 W/m2

Since 1983 Panasonic […]

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