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Hacking IKEA trådfri lighting automation

I recently visited IKEA again and got interested in their affordable line of home automation/LED lighting products called TRÅDFRI (meaing wireless in a play-with-words kind of Swedish). Of course there was already an internet community active in hacking these devices and I joined in.

Getting started

I installed the gateway and after pairing devices […]

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Top deal of the week?

Today I received a newsletter from the publisher Elektor. I am offered a special deal on a Peltier power generator which can power an LED light from a small candle. And this for an astonishing price of €99.95 instead of the normal price of €119.95.

Great offer from Elektor.

I’ll have to […]

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Fakes from China

Inspired by a Youtube video from Bigclive I ordered some Solar Power Rechargeable Flash lights. I knew the risk but I thought it would be a possible way to get hold of some small amorphous silicon solar cell modules for some own projects.

Today I received my package from ebay seller heavends. And […]

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That’s bright!

Transatlantic recently asked about a new IKEA LED lamp, the LEDARE with 1000 lm.

It comes as a quite big globe (diameter 95 mm) with an E27 socket, an electrical power rating of 16.5 W and is supposed to be dimable!

Transatlantic commented on the high quality of the warm-white light output and wondered […]

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LED lamps are (not) forever

Two weeks ago I wrote about my experience with special price offers for LED bulbs at Bauhaus. What I didn’t write was that I then just went to the other side of the street – well almost – and bought a 2.2 W E14 LED bulb at Jula.

2.2 W E14 LED […]

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special offer at Bauhaus

Today I was at Bauhaus in Uppsala, just browsing, not looking for anything special. Close to the exit there was a table with LED light bulbs which were obviously taken out of the regular assortment and re-labelled with new prices.

Usually you would expect a bargain – and since I am somewhat sold to […]

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Merry Christmas!

Magic lights in Uppsala

23rd UNT fireworks

Today the art festival “all lights on Uppsala” ended and Christmas season officially started with the 23rd annual fireworks by the local newspaper UNT.

23rd UNT fireworks in Uppsala

All lights on Uppsala – Gillbergska genomfarten

During the festival, the artists and the city officials wanted to emphasize why LEDs […]

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The best LED bulb? – part 2

Ok, let us continue the reverse engineering of the E27 LED bulb LEDARE from IKEA. After describing the actual light emitting diode assembly in the previous post, I will today look deeper under the hood into the power supply.

Disassembling the socket of the clear E27 LED bulb LEDARE from IKEA to […]

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The best LED bulb?

At least the best one I have seen so far. After giving a lecture on LEDs yesterday I finally unpacked and tested my latest buy – the clear E27 LED bulb LEDARE from IKEA.

The clear E27 LED bulb LEDARE from IKEA. (Image linked from IKEA’s homepage.)

The specs of this LED bulb […]

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