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Replacing three remotes

You know the problem – with every new gadget comes a new remote control, and while there are programmable and universal remote controls out there, they will never just do what you want.

The three main remotes in my living room.

For controlling my tv, my digital box and one of the wall […]

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OctoPrint – a new attempt

It was not so simple to set up a Raspberry Pi as a 3D-print server as I had hoped. It started with issues with the WiFi-dongle, continued to a complete black out on all of my USB web cams and finally I gave up…

I reflashed the SD-card with the latest full Raspbian Jessie […]

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OctoPi – WiFi issues

Next step in my journey into 3D-printing would be to set up a server to remote-control my 3D-printer. Since two weeks ago I have a spare Raspberry Pi 2 lying around and Google quickly revealed the existence of OctoPrint.

Ok, downloading the image of OctoPi and writing it to a micro-SD, making the necessary […]

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Improving the Wanhao Duplicator i3 – Part 1

Yesterday I got my Winhao Duplicator i3 and when I was setting it up and adjusting the print bed I thought: “Is it supposed to be like this?”

The print bed is a heated aluminum plate which is mounted on top of the Y-axis sled by four M3 screws, one in each corner. These […]

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