September 2021


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Winter orchids

Three of my orchids are currently lightening up the winter days…

(Pentax K200, SMC Pentax A 1:2 50mm, 12mm extension tube, Walimex ring […]

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The day of the city forrest

Today was the Day of the City Forrest (Stadsskogens dag) here in Uppsala. For everyone who didn’t climb the 180 steps up onto the water tower, here is the view from the top (you will need Apple Quicktime to be installed):

Hunting treasure in Uppsala

Since April this year a consortium of the Uppsala municipality, outdoor suppliers and other sponsors are trying to get Swedish people off their couches and out into the woods again. For this purpose in and around towns like Uppsala dozens of aluminum poles with a number and letter code have been placed and corresponding […]

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Bugs with six and more legs

Today was the first really sunny day this spring in Uppsala. Reaching 25°C I spent a large part of the day on my balcony where I was visited by a special guest:

A rose chafer or cetonia aurata

This rose chafer was elected the insect of the year 2000 in Germany where […]

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Model construction

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Inside electronics

I have always been fascinated by knowing what’s inside electronics. And this does not stop by looking inside electronic apparatus — it continues into the packages of the individual electronic devices. Take the green light-emitting diode which I chose as this blog’s logo:

There is nothing special to this LED. It […]

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